The Colville Project Trust

Building Community Wellbeing

What is The Colville Project ?


  • VISION: The Northern Coromandel Peninsula is a thriving place to live, work and play across your lifespan.

  • PURPOSE: Ensure the ongoing wellbeing of the Northern Coromandel Peninsula community to support a strong circular economy.



Our project envisages self-sustaining Upper Northern Coromandel communities, retaining their unique character,  while expanding essential services and social connections. We've developed a plan to meet identified needs, through building an environmentally responsible, purpose-built community centre, varied housing options and  recreational facilities which meet the needs of our wider community.  

The project has four proposed stages:

Stage 1 

Wellbeing & Education Centre

Stage 2

Accommodation options for the elderly and those needing supported living/care; and for  visiting professionals and students


Stage 3

Youth recreational facilities and skills training


Stage 4

Housing for families wanting to live and work in the area














The Colville Project (TCP) (originally The Colville Community Facilities Project), is focused on the communities of the far Northern Coromandel Peninsula and was formed in response to community need in 2016, by founding partners Colville Community Health Trust (CCHT) and Colville Social Service Collective (CSSC).

Our 2017 Feasibility Study (completed by Momentum Research and Evaluation Ltd), confirmed The Colville Project as a feasible solution to our communities' identified demographic and isolation needs.

Community consultation has formed a core element of the project’s ongoing development and design from the project’s conception, and has always had a high rate of engagement. Initial consultation, indicated how increasing centralisation of services have negatively impacted on our small rural communities, and demonstrated strong community support for the project. Further consultation, has established our communities see the building of the proposed Wellbeing and Education Centre as the preferred first stage of the project.

The Wellbeing and Education Centre will support the provision of health and social services in our area by addressing the inadequacy and limitation of current premises. The centre will provide fit-for-purpose facilities for existing services such as the Colville Community Health Centre (medical clinic, rural nursing, and St John Prime); and the Colville Social Service Collective (services and programmes for community, youth and older persons, and a number of community development initiatives). It will also allow for the expansion of services including providing opportunities for other services and enabling opportunities for collaboration.

TCP has the land!




The project site is located at 89 Wharf Road, RD4, Coromandel, 3584, New Zealand. The community purchased this 35 hectare property in January 2022, to provide a dedicated home for the Project.  
Situated 1.4 km north-west of Colville Village and near to the Colville Sawmill, the site is a coastal and rural area with moderately sloping hillsides.
Being outside the recognised flood and tsunami zones, the site can accommodate the project vision now and into the future.
In addition, with Colville Village situated inside a recognised flood and tsunami zone, this site provides a possible future opportunity in response to climate change for residents of Colville Village.




TCP thanks The Project’s wider community and supporters who have astoundingly raised over $1 million collectively towards both the land purchase and the construction of the Wellbeing and Education Centre. What an incredible community of people we have! In particular, we would like to thank Kay Ogilvie, whose very generous donation made the project possible.

Concept Video

A High Level Concept video created by Glenn Benmayor.  The video is based on the concept design provided by Beca.

concept plan.png
4 stages.JPG

Why do we need TCP?

We want to live in our rural area with access to a wide range of medical, social, education and training services and resources, but our residents face challenges...


  • Our rural, isolated communities are increasingly impacted by centralisation of essential health, wellbeing and educational services.

  • Our current clinic and local resources cannot continue to support the increasing  needs of our residents and visitors as the current premises are leased and cannot be upgraded. 

  • Our population is ageing and is forecast to increase with an older demographic as bach owners retire to the upper Northern Coromandel Peninsula.

This will support our community in its long term sustainability

What do we need to do?

We need to raise funds towards the construction of a facilities on the TCP piece of land. 
The plan is to continue fundraising locally, but also take the appeal nationwide, through any avenues that fit with the ethical, environmental and social ideals of the founding partners.  

The Colville Project Trust is supported by: NZCGT, Purnell Lawyers, Trust Waikato, COGS and the wide TCPT community.


The trust is a registered charity (number:CC56058).

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