The Colville Project Land Option

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Our Goal $670,000 by end of July

The Colville Project aims in the first instance, to raise funds to develop and build a multi-purpose wellbeing and education facility in Colville.

It will provide local access to a wide range of medical, social, education and training

services and resources to the people who live, work, play and visit the northern

Coromandel Peninsula.

The Project, informed by consultation, research and an independent feasibility study, has four stages.

  1. The Wellbeing and Education Centre

  2. Accommodation for visiting professionals and students

  3. Housing options for the elderly and families wanting to live and work in the area

  4. Youth recreational facilities and skills training


Management and Oversight


The Project is run as a community partnership between the Colville Community Health Trust and Colville Social Service Collective. Trustees are Kate Armstrong and Michael James for CCHT, and Janet Palmer and Bronwyn Blair for CSSC, assisted by Community Development Worker Roy Fraser, and CCHT Coordinator Emily MacLeod.


Northern Coromandel communities have the infrastructure to provide opportunities that enable long-term wellbeing.


To provide facilities that enable access to services and resources within our evolving communities.