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We hope you enjoyed learning about our project. To receive updates on our project, sign up at the bottom of the page. 

Physical address :

        89 Wharf Road

        3584 Colville

Postal address :

         The Colville Project Trust,                           Attention TCP Board Chair,                       c/- 2299 Colville Road, 3584, New Zealand

Legal name of the Charity: The Colville Project Trust

Charity's legal Address: 2299 Colville Road, RD 4
Colville, Coromandel, 3584

Other Name: TCPT

Charity number: CC56058

NZBN number: 9429047031746

IRD GST Number 127-902-135-GST003

Meet The Team

17917282_1212614825503202_1948118980037861452_o (1).jpg

Janet Palmer

Janet and her partner have lived in Colville 37 years. Her profession was in Education, teaching, managing and mentoring. Janet is proud of the people from the peninsula, their efforts and what they have accomplished to make this place a unique place to live. She supports this legacy; making it be the best it can be.


Kate Armstrong

Kate married Richard Campbell and moved to Karuna Falls and then Port Charles 25 years ago. Kate and Richard have worked locally to ensure a primary health service, support a local community health trust and St John First response team. They have both served on the local school board of trustees for years. Kate is committed to continue to work locally in a conscious collaborative cohesive manner to maintain and grow community well-being and education.


Bronwyn Blair

Moving to the region in 1992, Bronwyn has lived in the Northern Coromandel Peninsula for most of the last 30 years. Bronwyn has enjoyed a varied work-life spanning the education, community development, hospitality, and organic production sectors.  She brings a background in strategic planning and policy and in collaboration. She is a firm proponent for community-led change, and is passionate about the long-term wellbeing of  our region's communities.


Frederick Church

Frederick moved to the Northern Coromandel in 2014 and became a trustee for Colville Junction in 2016 and has been on The Colville Project Trust since its inception. After 5 years at the very top of the peninsula, Frederick now works and lives in Coromandel Town but still holds the Northern Coromandel and The Colville Project close to his heart. 

Richard campbell.JPG

Richard Campbell

Jo and Neices.JPG

Jo Herbert

Jo and her husband Tommy moved to Tuateawa in 2002. Jo has  a long work history in health service delivery and management. Jo is committed to working within this community to help ensure its needs are understood and the pathway towards a healthy and sustainable future is progressed.

221118 logo supporters funders.JPG

Nicole Turner

As the Communication Marketing and Funding expert, Nicole is focused on finding better ways to communicate with you and find innovative funding solutions.

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