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What is our priority action right now?

Raising money to buy complete the design of the Wellbeing and Education centre.

Who own the land?

The Colville Project Charitable Trust is the owner of the land.  This Trust is a community asset.

How will we raise the required funds, and how much has already been raised?

The community have so far raised $1,000,000 to go towards the land purchase and $186,000 for the building of the Wellbeing and Education Centre.

  • We have a plan that will target not only all the people who live, work, play and visit but also funders, sponsors, philanthropist and investors.

  • We’ll reach out for support to identified groups and people across New Zealand who may share our values and are inspired seeing a small rural community help itself regenerate and grow a sustainable future for this and coming generations.                                                              


Why can’t the Health Centre and CSSC (Now Colville Junction)  stay where they are now and expand those premises?

The current premises of both the Colville Community Health Centre (the clinic) and Colville Social Service Collective (now called Colville Junction) are no longer  adequate for providing their evolving and expanding services to the community.  There are no other options for them, and the current owners of the house rented by the clinic do not wish to sell, so redevelopment on that site is not an option. 

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