What is our priority action right now?

Raising money to buy land on which to site the Project.

Who will own the land?

The Colville Project Charitable Trust will be the owner of the land.  


Where will the Project be sited?

Choosing a site is guided by the results of community consultation which indicated the Project should be within 5 to 10 kilometres of Colville.  The need is for a centrally located development.  The Trustees are currently evaluating sites for suitability.


How will we raise the required funds, and how much has already been raised?

The community have so far raised $232,000 to go towards the land purchase and $186,000 for the building of the Wellbeing and Education Centre.

  • We have a plan that will target not only the 700 permanent residents of this part of the Coromandel but all the people who live, work, play and visit.

  • We’ll reach out for support to identified groups and people across New Zealand who may share our values and are inspired seeing a small rural community help itself regenerate and grow a sustainable future for this and coming generations.                                                              


Why can’t the Health Centre and CSSC  stay where they are now and expand those premises?

The current premises of both the Colville Community Health Centre (the clinic) and Colville Social Service Collective are no longer  adequate for providing their evolving and expanding services to the community.  There are no other options for them, and the current owners of the house rented by the clinic do not wish to sell, so redevelopment on that site is not an option. 


What are the requirements for a suitable place?

  • The site should be large enough to ensure that we can build on one site all the facilities and amenities that are planned under the long-term vision of The Colville Project...

    • the multi-service Wellbeing and Education Centre – including a St John Station and most likely Fire Services and First Responders

    • a site to build a range of housing options to solve the accommodation shortage, generate a revenue stream from market rate rentals and move us towards the long-term goal of regenerating and attracting population growth to the district.

    • The opportunity to provide housing solutions would be focused on:

      • Visiting professionals and students like those training in rural medicine at the Wellbeing Centre

      • Families who have employment or business opportunities but are unable to find housing and leave the district which seriously impacts our population and ability to sustain core services and facilities like our local school

      • People needing respite care

      • Both supported and independent living options for elderly who may need some support services.

  • It should be above the floodplain to ensure long term sustainability.

What’s in it for me?

  • We have to pull together to determine and make a positive future for ourselves, our children and for all the people who live, work, play and visit so that we the services and amenities we need for daily life – and to provide and generate opportunities to continue to live here, socialise, train and upskill and find employment so we have a productive, sustainable community, built on the principles of care for people, for the environment, for a better, kinder future.