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The Colville Project 

Building Community Wellbeing

The Colville Project Purchased Community Land In 2022!

The project site is located at 89 Wharf Road, RD4, Coromandel, 3584, New Zealand.


The community purchased this 35 hectare property in January 2022, to provide a dedicated home for the Project.  
Situated 1.4 km north-west of Colville Village and near to the Colville Sawmill, the site is a coastal and rural area with moderately sloping hillsides.
Being outside the recognised flood and tsunami zones, the site can accommodate the project vision now and into the future.
In addition, with Colville Village situated inside a recognised flood and tsunami zone, this site provides a possible future opportunity in response to climate change for residents of Colville Village.














TCP thanks The Project’s wider community and supporters who have astoundingly raised over $1 million collectively towards both the land purchase and the construction of the Wellbeing and Education Centre. What an incredible community of people we have! In particular, we would like to thank Kay Ogilvie, whose very generous donation made the project possible.

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