Why do we need The Colville Project?

We want to live in our rural paradise with access to a wide range of medical, social, education and training services and resources, but our residents face challenges...
  • Our rural, isolated communities are increasingly impacted by centralisation of essential health, wellbeing and educational services.
  • Our current clinic and local resources cannot continue to support the increasing  needs of our residents and visitors as the current premises are leased and cannot be upgraded. 
  • Our population is ageing and is forecast to increase with an older demographic as bach owners retire to the upper Northern Coromandel Peninsula.

The Project wants to ensure that we provide residents and visitors with :
  • An improved Wellbeing and Education Centre which will provide local access to health, and wellbeing services, and include a new training/learning space for medical students who want to become rural GPs
  • Accommodation for visiting professionals and students
  • Housing options for the elderly and families wanting to live and work in the area
  • Youth recreational facilities and skills training
This will support our community in its long term sustainability

What do we need to do?

We need to raise funds towards the purchase of a suitable piece of land.  To date, the community has rallied and raised over $235,000 towards this land purchase, but much more is needed. The plan is to continue fundraising locally, but also take the appeal nationwide, through any avenues that fit with the ethical, environmental and social ideals of the founding partners - the Colville Community Health Trust and the Colville Social Service Collective.