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Working in Partnership_2018 -01


We’ve been planning for eight years. Now we’ve reached a critical milestone to make the first stage of The Colville Project a reality.


We’ve identified 32 hectares on Wharf Road, Colville, above the flood plain, which is large enough for all stages of the project including the Wellbeing and Education Centre.


We’ve signed an MOU with the local owners and the land is ours if we can raise $800,000 (GST incl.) by the end of July. To date we have $100,000 to go towards purchasing the land, and $170,000 in the building fund.

Community Fundraising

“A preliminary estimate suggests that to buy the land, and design, build and fit out the Wellbeing and Education centre we will need $3 million,” says spokesperson, Bronwyn Blair.


One third, or a million dollars of the Stage One project cost, must come from the community to meet the eligibility criteria for the big national grants that will be applied for to pay the remainder.


“We have to show as a community that we are committed and can pull together to raise the funds,” Bronwyn said.

The Plan

The 700 permanent residents of the district cannot raise the amount alone. The plan is to reach out to the wider community who live work, play and visit the Coromandel, and individuals and groups across New Zealand who share similar values and aspirations.


“We hope our project will shine as a beacon to other small rural communities seeking to regenerate and build a sustainable future where people can thrive,” says Bronwyn.


Partner Recognition Programme

A tiered recognition programme has been established to acknowledge donations over $10,000 with benefactors’ names incorporated in the design and artwork of the centre. 

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