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Joining them on bass and drums are Nathan McCauley

and Seamus Ebbs.

Kaelea and Ra have been performing together all over the Coromandel Peninsula for well over ten years. Finding the tastiest covers to make their audiences move.

A recent performance by

Kaelea Doherty &

Ra Edelsten at the

Colville Easter Festival.

Ra Edelsten, Kaelea Doherty and band performing Elvis - A little less conversation followed later in the night the Duo stunned crowds with an Etta James cover - I rather go blind at Colville sings the 60s.

Kaelea - a Coromandel born singer/song writer, with a love for soulful blues and classic rock. Most comfortable behind a guitar and a microphone, Kaelea has spent the last decade writing her own originals, perfecting her favourite covers, performing with bands and doing solo gigs simply for the love of music.'

A good 8 years ago Ra wrote this song , played all instruments on and recorded through the computer's mic.

"It's a little cringy for me, but you be the judge as to whether it'll be good for publicity.

The Colville Family Reunion Team voted ... "Thats a YES from us Ra" Great for publicity.

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