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Updated: Jun 29, 2018

Kate Shelly, Nathan McCauley, Earl Williams, Seamus Ebbs.

Colville locals Kate Shelly, Nathan McCauley, Earl Williams and Seamus Ebbs will often be found in a wool shed, on a local Community just south of Colville village in a musical space known as The Colville Music Club.

On Friday evenings the club has an” open jam night” where visiting muso’s and the locals can jam it out.    The area has a culture of making music, with a strong muso base, that means there’s always someone working on a new song or set.

Rosetta Stone performs a mix of covers and original songs and will usually be one of many bands or musos playing at a local fundraiser gig in the Northern Coromandel.

Gigs were / and are often still held in local community halls, and its here, Rosetta Stone and other local musicians crank out sounds that bring a community together and welcomes travellers in. Playing the music that accompanies the memories and connections made at the legendary Colville Hall Dances over the busy summer months ... everyone is still jamming!

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