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TCP is hiring

The Colville Project is looking for an enthusiastic "funding person" who has skills in communication and marketing. She/He would be looking for sponsors, investors, grants and funders to move our amazing community project forward. This contract could be up to 8 hours per week for 10months. Can work remotely.

Please contact Anne at or call 0224195521.

Application closes the 20th of October 22 at 1pm.

Community Garden

Are you a gardener? Do you want to learn about gardens with others from

your community?

Let's use The Colville Project community land to start a community garden!
If you are familiar with soil and water testing, mineral and metals analysis, we need
your skills!

Advisory Groups

TCP Trust is looking for a volunteer to help to set up, organise, manage and coordinate advisory groups. This enthusiastic person would help the Admin person (Anne Mountjoy) to establish the purpose of groups, recruit members, maintain a structure that works for everyone, and empower groups. An advisory group is a committee of people selected by the trust to provide defined advice and information in an informal and flexible manner.
Advisory groups provide advice but do not make decisions and have no authority to govern.
3 types of advisory groups :
» A. User view : Propose needs and aspirations;
» B. Technical view : Propose solution on how to do/make the facilities;
» C. Project peripherals : everything surrounding the project, communications.

The following list presents possible advisory group themes(not yet decided or exhaustive).
A. User view:
A1 Wellbeing center design/content

A2 Architecture/ facilities design/ connections/needs

A3 Elder Housing

A4 Youth facilities

A5 Family housing

A6 Housing research
B Technical view:
B1 Energy, Alternative Power

B2 Waters

B3 Air

B4 Resources and Materials

B5 Building Waste

B6 Waste management

B7 consideration of the climate - environmental crisis - global issues - emergency

B8 Biodiversity B9 Well-being in and out of the facilities

B10 Urban and social integration

B11 Innovation & Artificial Intelligence

B12 Nuisance and pollution

B13 Cultural Heritage B14 Certification
C. Project peripherals/outskirts
C1 Funding

C2 Fundraising

C3 Event Management

C4 Social Media & Marketing
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