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The Colville Project Trust

Building Community Wellbeing

What is The Colville Project ?

We are building a Wellbeing Centre for the Northern Coromandel Communities.








As residents of the Northern Coromandel peninsula, we know the services that look after the health and wellbeing of our community need better resources and infrastructure. In 2017 we started working on a four stage project - stage one is building a Wellbeing & Education centre that will house our health professionals, the community centre, the op shop plus a number of other community services. Subsequent stages will see recreational facilities developed and provide a range of housing options to meet the demand of the community.


In 2022, The Colville Project Trust purchased 35 hectares to build our centre and we are currently fundraising and working with our architects and consultants to bring this project to fruition!  















The Colville Project Trust is steering the project. 

  • VISION: The Northern Coromandel Peninsula is a thriving place to live, work and play across your lifespan.

  • PURPOSE: Ensure the ongoing wellbeing of the Northern Coromandel Peninsula community to support a strong circular economy.


Our project envisages self-sustaining Upper Northern Coromandel communities who retain their unique character,  while expanding essential services and social connections. We've developed a plan to meet identified needs through building an environmentally responsible, purpose-built community centre with varied housing options and recreational facilities which meet the needs of our wider community.  

The project has four proposed stages:

Architect Impression_edited.jpg
Screenshot 2022-12-01 at 3.02.32 PM.png

The Colville Project Trust is supported by: Lottery, DV Bryant, NZCGT, Purnell Lawyers, Trust Waikato, COGS and the wide TCPT community.


The trust is a registered charity (number:CC56058).

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